There is nothing more frustrating like getting stuck in non-progressive career. The thought of seeing your colleagues move up the ladder in their career and leave you stagnant at the same position just kills your spirit. Being in a job that offers no room for growth is as good as being jobless. Well, it does not have to be this way. Sailing high in your career has never been this easy. Following are five effective tips that can help you take charge of your own career growth.

Practice generosity

Giving is like an echo. It usually bounces back to you. Furthermore, there is profound joy in giving your time and resources to others. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Any successful actor will tell that this is one of the secrets of being on top in the acting industry. Acting is not about you rather about making your fans feel happy and inspired and only good actors knows this.

Examine your level of commitment

Without commitment you cannot accomplish anything. Your level of commitment will determined how far you can go in your acting career. You need to figure out whether acting is what you really want to do or you are just enticed to it because of the fame. Then work on a strategy of how to begin acting and how to become the best in that arena. Just like any other career, acting also requires personal sacrifice and being fully committed. Nothing comes easily so you will need to stick to the path of becoming a successful actor despite the challenges you meet along the way. And if you are not ready to bear all this, then acting is not your thing.


Identify your genre

Willy-nilly roles is a no-go-zone for any actor. Many people never make it in auditions because they want to play everything. You can only give your best shot by identifying what you are good at. Your greatest strength lies in taking up roles that suit you.

Broaden your horizons

If you are just starting, look out for opportunities of acting in front of a large audience. This will build your experience and prepare you for greater roles in your acting career. Seek theatre groups that are looking for new talent and audition for the role that you are good in. This is an excellent way of increasing your exposure. You can only widen your chances of becoming a better actor by acting frequently. Therefore, grab any opportunity that comes knocking on your door.

Acting is not as difficult as you think or as easy as you may imagine but with the right tips you can be best your fans have ever seen.